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Smith, Abbey-Anne - Animals in Tillich's Philosophical Theology, ebook

Animals in Tillich's Philosophical Theology

Smith, Abbey-Anne


A Critical Examination of Key Tillichian Concepts and Their Adequacy in Relation to Nonhuman Animals
4. Tillich’s Concept of Technical Reason
Abbey-Anne Smith
5. The Creator and Creation in Tillich’s Systematic Theology
Abbey-Anne Smith
6. The

Adeniji-Neill, Dolapo - Indigenous Concepts of Education, ebook

Indigenous Concepts of Education

Adeniji-Neill, Dolapo


How Indigenous Concepts Guide Education in Different Contexts: Tsilhqot’in Culture Course Development
Titi I. Kunkel, Blanca Schorcht
5. Self-determination and the Indian Act: The Erosion of Indigenous Identity
Georgina Martin
II. Knowledges and Epistemologies

Aspin, David N. - Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning, ebook

Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning

Aspin, David N.


Lifelong Learning: Concepts and Conceptions
David N. Aspin, Judith D. Chapman
2. Lifelong Learning and the Politics of the Learning Society
Kenneth Wain
3. Lifelong Learning and Vocational Education and Training: Values, Social Capital, and Caring in

Noonan, Harold W. - Frege: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Frege: A Critical Introduction

Noonan, Harold W.

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This new book offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to Frege's remarkable philosophical work, examining the main areas of his writings and demonstrating the connections between them.
Frege's main contribution to philosophy spans philosophical

Nietzsche, Friedrich - Beyond Good and Evil, ebook

Beyond Good and Evil

Nietzsche, Friedrich


Friedrich Nietzsche’s follow up to ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ expands on his earlier philosophical ideas, deriding past philosophies that placed too much importance on the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and introduced his own concepts

Griffiths, Paul J. - Problems of Religious Diversity, ebook

Problems of Religious Diversity

Griffiths, Paul J.


Exploring Religious Diversity analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that many religions in the world often appear to contradict each other in doctrine and practice.

Analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact