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Izawa, Kunisuke - Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry, ebook

Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry

Izawa, Kunisuke


Covering the whole area of process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, this monograph provides the essential knowledge on the basic chemistry needed for future development

Dunn, Peter J. - Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, ebook

Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dunn, Peter J.


Edited by three of the world's leading pharmaceutical scientists, this is the first book on this important and hot topic, containing much previously unpublished information. As such, it covers all aspects of green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry,

Davani, Behnam - Pharmaceutical Analysis for Small Molecules, ebook

Pharmaceutical Analysis for Small Molecules

Davani, Behnam


A comprehensive introduction for scientists engaged in new drug development, analysis, and approvals 
Each year the pharmaceutical industry worldwide recruits thousands of recent science graduates—especially chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacy,

Prager, Gary - Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering, ebook

Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering

Prager, Gary


A practical guide to all key the elements of pharmaceuticals and biotech manufacturing and design
Engineers working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are routinely called upon to handle operational issues outside of their fields of expertise.

Yasuda, Nobuyoshi - The Art of Process Chemistry, ebook

The Art of Process Chemistry

Yasuda, Nobuyoshi


Providing must-have knowledge for the pharmaceutical industry and process chemists in industry, this ready reference offers solutions for saving time and money and supplying -- in a sustainable way -- valuable products. Application-oriented and well