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Ossowski, Sascha - Agreement Technologies, ebook

Agreement Technologies

Ossowski, Sascha


Agreement Technologies: A Computing Perspective
Sascha Ossowski, Carles Sierra, Vicente Botti
2. Agreement and Relational Justice: A Perspective from Philosophy and Sociology of Law
Pompeu Casanovas
3. Agreements as the Grease (Not the Glue) of Society:

Seib, Philip - The Future of Diplomacy, ebook

The Future of Diplomacy

Seib, Philip


Drawing on examples from the Iran nuclear negotiations to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Seib argues persuasively for this new versatile and flexible public-facing diplomacy; one that makes strategic use of both new media and traditional diplomatic processes to

Mariani, Ilaria - Location-Based Mobile Games, ebook

Location-Based Mobile Games

Mariani, Ilaria


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
2. LBMG in a Nutshell
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
3. Informal Learning Between Design and Play
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
4. The Social Dimension of Located Play
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
5. LBMG as Persuasive