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Chang, Maiga - Challenges and Solutions in Smart Learning, ebook

Challenges and Solutions in Smart Learning

Chang, Maiga


A Smart Learning Environment for Environmental Education
Ilkka Jormanainen, Tapani Toivonen, Ville Nivalainen
3. An interdisciplinary Framework for Designing Smart Learning Environments
Sirkka Freigang, Lars Schlenker, Thomas Köhler
4. Application

Huang, Ronghuai - Reshaping Learning, ebook

Reshaping Learning

Huang, Ronghuai


The New Shape of Learning: Adapting to Social Changes in the Information Society
Ronghuai Huang, Geng Chen, Junfeng Yang, John Loewen
2. Emerging Dimensions of Learning
Erkki Sutinen
3. Schools as Learning Communities
Victoria J. Marsick, Karen