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Ganguli, Anindya K. - Ergonomics in Caring for People, ebook

Ergonomics in Caring for People

Ganguli, Anindya K.


Cardiac Stress Among Two Types of Handloom Weavers
Santu Durlov, Subhashis Sahu
20. Workspace Amenities for Assam Policewomen: Ergonomic Interventions
Shilpi Bora, Abhirup Chatterjee, Debkumar Chakrabarti
21. Physiological and Metabolic Status of Bus

Lewthwaite, Julie - Managing People for the First Time, ebook

Managing People for the First Time

Lewthwaite, Julie


Absolutely everybody in all types of organisation - business, professional, governmental, academic - has to make the critical leap to managing people for the first time. There are countless books on managing people