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Ganguli, Anindya K. - Ergonomics in Caring for People, ebook

Ergonomics in Caring for People

Ganguli, Anindya K.


Manual Material Handling by Rural Women: An In-depth Analysis of the Body Pain Areas
Gupta Nidhi, Pupalla Padmaja
16. Characterization of Drudgery of Farm Women in the Soybean Production System
Jayshree P. Zend, Manjusha S. Revanwar, Sandhya N. Admankar

Forsyth, Patrick - Self Development for Sales People, ebook

Self Development for Sales People

Forsyth, Patrick


This module gives essential insight into all the key sales drivers such as account management, handling complex sales, selling services, FMCG selling, customer relationships and self-development for sales people.

Beegel, Justin - Infographics For Dummies, ebook

Infographics For Dummies

Beegel, Justin


Ninety percent of the information transmitted to your brain is visual, so it's important to tickle the optic nerves to get people excited about your data. Infographics do just that. Much more exciting than a spreadsheet, infographics can add humor, interest, and flash