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Thomas, Mark - Mastering People Management, ebook

Mastering People Management

Thomas, Mark


In a time of rapid change and intense competition the greatest resource for any business is its people. This book explains how to build and develop a successful team by motivating, empowering and leading people. Based on in-depth experience of developing

Dahlin, Donald C. - We the People, ebook

We the People

Dahlin, Donald C.


Table of contents
1. Taking the Constitution Seriously
Donald C. Dahlin
2. Who Interprets?
Donald C. Dahlin
3. How to Interpret?
Donald C. Dahlin
4. Top Ten Supreme Court Decisions
Donald C. Dahlin
5. Taking Stock

Karraker, Meg Wilkes - The Other People, ebook

The Other People

Karraker, Meg Wilkes


Table of contents
Part I. Migration Studies in the Twenty-First Century
1. Introduction: Global Migration in the Twenty-First Century
Meg Wilkes Karraker
2. Teaching and Learning about the Other in Immigration
Øystein S. LaBianca,…

Schofield, Pat - Management of Pain in Older People, ebook

Management of Pain in Older People

Schofield, Pat


A workbook designed to give you a basic introduction into the issues around pain in older people. It explores the size and nature of the problem along with practical assessment and management approaches and will help you to think about the issues in your own area of practice. it is not designed

Kermally, Sultan - Gurus on People Management, ebook

Gurus on People Management

Kermally, Sultan


Managers HAVE to manage people. It is the most difficult and yet the most rewarding function. This book is more than just a summary of the key concepts, it offers valuable insights into their application and value including national and international real-life case studies that reflect some