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Budhu, Muni - Soil Mechanics Fundamentals, ebook

Soil Mechanics Fundamentals

Budhu, Muni


This accessible, clear and concise textbook strikes a balance between theory and practical applications for an introductory course in soil mechanics for undergraduates in civil engineering, construction, mining and geological engineering.
Soil Mechanics Fundamentals lays a solid foundation

Duijn, Hans C. J. - Soil Mechanics and Transport in Porous Media, ebook

Soil Mechanics and Transport in Porous Media

Duijn, Hans C. J.


Verification of the use of peak area for the quantitative differential thermal analysis
G. De Josselin Jong
14. A capacitative cell apparatus
G. De Josselin Jong
15. Étude photo-Élastique d’un empilement de disques
G. De Josselin Jong

Chang, Dongshegn - Dam Failure Mechanisms and Risk Assessment, ebook

Dam Failure Mechanisms and Risk Assessment

Chang, Dongshegn


This book integrates the physical processes of dam breaching and the mathematical aspects of risk assessment in a concise manner
• The first book that introduces the causes, processes and consequences of dam failures
• Integrates the physical…

Kovtun, Evgueny - Russian Avant-Garde, ebook

Russian Avant-Garde

Kovtun, Evgueny


The intellectual and cultural turmoil had then reached a peak and provided fertile soil for the formation of the movement. For many artists influenced by European art, the movement represented a way of liberating themselves from

Krecek, Josef - Management of Mountain Watersheds, ebook

Management of Mountain Watersheds

Krecek, Josef


Soil Conservation and Control of Floods and Landslides
17. The Forests of Lake Balaton Catchment and Their Role in Soil Conservation
Ádám Kertész
18. Landslide Disasters: Seeking Causes – A Case Study from Uttarakhand, India
Martin Haigh, J. S.

Pignatti, Erika - Plant Life of the Dolomites, ebook

Plant Life of the Dolomites

Pignatti, Erika


Table of contents
1. The Environment of the Dolomites: A General Outline
Erika Pignatti, Sandro Pignatti
Part I. The Human Habitat
2. Stable Meadows and Vegetation of Fields and Human Settlements
Erika Pignatti, Sandro Pignatti
Part II. Natural Forests and Meadows on the Valley Floor and in the Montane

Rashed, Youssef - Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Coupled Problems, ebook

Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Coupled Problems

Rashed, Youssef


Numerical Study of the Failure Surface in Granular Soil Under Two Closely Spaced Strip Footings
Assma Benbouza, Liela Arabet, Khelifa Abbeche
15. Evaporation Rate Dependence with Saturation Degree
Houcem Trabelsi
16. Comparative Analysis of a Deep Excavation

Klinkel, Sven - Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities, ebook

Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities

Klinkel, Sven


Seismic Analysis of Onshore Wind Turbine Including Soil-structure Interaction Effects
Francesca Taddei, Konstantin Meskouris
44. Dynamic Impedance of Foundation on Multi-layered Half-Space
Gao Lin
45. The Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method for Transient