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Woodruff, Teresa K - Oncofertility Communication, ebook

Oncofertility Communication

Woodruff, Teresa K


Communicating with Patients and Their Families
1. How Do Cancer Patients Learn About Fertility Preservation? Five Trajectories of Experience
Karrie Ann Snyder, William Pearse
2. Communicating Across Diverse and Differently

Brochard, Laurent - Mechanical Ventilation, ebook

Mechanical Ventilation

Brochard, Laurent


Physiological Rationale for Ventilation of Patients with Obstructive Diseases
J. Mancebo
8. Role of the Clinician in Adjusting Ventilator Parameters During Assisted Ventilation
L. Brochard
9. Neurally-adjusted Ventilatory Assist
C. Sinderby, J.

Barrette, Ernie-Paul - Leading an Academic Medical Practice, ebook

Leading an Academic Medical Practice

Barrette, Ernie-Paul


Faculty Recruitment and Retention
Mohan Nadkarni, Ira Helenius
4. Outpatient Billing and Coding
Lee B. Lu, Scott V. Joy
Part II. Resident Clinic Requirements
5. ACGME Requirements/Accreditation Issues
Craig Noronha, Mark E. Pasanen
6. Resident

Rao, Nyapati R. - International Medical Graduate Physicians, ebook

International Medical Graduate Physicians

Rao, Nyapati R.


Globalization and Recruitment Strategies for International Medical Graduate Physicians: A Perspective
Richard Balon, Ahmed Hankir, Antonio Ventriglio, Dinesh Bhugra
23. Erratum to: The Psychiatric Interview
Adriana Foster, Andreea L. Seritan, James W.