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Rüther, Frauke - Patent Aggregating Companies, ebook

Patent Aggregating Companies

Rüther, Frauke


Leveraging companies’ patent portfolios – State of the art
Frauke Rüther
3. Exploring the phenomenon of patent aggregating companies
Frauke Rüther
4. Potentials offered by patent

Moehrle, Martin G. - Technology Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation, ebook

Technology Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation

Moehrle, Martin G.


Table of contents
1. Basics of Technology Roadmapping
Martin G. Moehrle, Ralf Isenmann, Robert Phaal
2. Technology Management and Roadmapping at the Firm Level
Robert Phaal, Clare Farrukh, David R. Probert
3. Networked Innovation: Using Roadmapping to Facilitate Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation

Poltorak, Alexander I. - Essentials of Intellectual Property, ebook

Essentials of Intellectual Property

Poltorak, Alexander I.


The definitive primer on intellectual property for business professionals, non-IP attorneys, entrepreneurs, and inventors
Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, the Second Edition of this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest