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Hood, D. - Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks, ebook

Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks

Hood, D.


Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (G-PON) have a large and increasing base of support among telecommunications operators around the world. Written by two of the experts in the field, this book explains G-PON

Prat, Josep - Next-Generation FTTH Passive Optical Networks, ebook

Next-Generation FTTH Passive Optical Networks

Prat, Josep


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Architecture of Future Access Networks
Carlos Bock, Philippe Chanclou, Jorge M. Finochietto, Gerald Franzl, Marek Hajduczenia, Ton Koonen, Paulo P. Monteiro, Fabio Neri, Josep Prat, Henrique J. A. Silva

Ma, Maode - Current Research Progress of Optical Networks, ebook

Current Research Progress of Optical Networks

Ma, Maode


A Performance Overview of Quality of Service Mechanisms in Optical Burst Switching Networks
Miros?aw Klinkowski, Davide Careglio, Josep Solé-Pareta, Marian Marciniak
2. End-to-End Proportional Differentiation Over OBS Networks
Pablo Jesús Argibay-Losada,

Antoniades, Neophytos (Neo) - WDM Systems and Networks, ebook

WDM Systems and Networks

Antoniades, Neophytos (Neo)


Modeling, Simulation, Design and Engineering of WDM Systems and Networks: An Introduction
Georgios Ellinas, Neophytos (Neo) Antoniades, Ioannis Roudas
2. Computer Modeling of Transport Layer Effects
André Richter
3. State-of-the-Art in Device and Network

Azadeh, Mohammad - Fiber Optics Engineering, ebook

Fiber Optics Engineering

Azadeh, Mohammad


Table of contents
2. Fiber Optic Communications: A Review
Mohammad Azadeh
3. Communication Networks
Mohammad Azadeh
4. Signal Characterization and Representation
Mohammad Azadeh
5. Semiconductor Lasers
Mohammad Azadeh
6. Optical Fibers
Mohammad Azadeh
7. PIN and APD Detectors