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Arthur, Timothy S. - The Christmas Party, ebook

The Christmas Party

Arthur, Timothy S.


In Timothy Shay Arthur’s The Christmas Party uncle Archer is expected to join the family for the holidays but everyone is worried: uncle Archer, in fact, thinks that dancing is a sin, therefore they all fear he could spoil the party. In the evening,

Ekholm, Lasse - Party, ebook


Ekholm, Lasse


Tosse är bjuden till fest hos skolans populäraste tjej. Det har aldrig hänt innan. Och han är bjuden av sin drömtjej, Angela. Det är helt enkelt för bra för att vara sant. Problemet är att det är sant, men just den dagen då festen ska hållas…

Bale, Tim - The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron, ebook

The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron

Bale, Tim


Just why did the world's oldest and most successful political party dump Margaret Thatcher only to commit electoral suicide under John Major? And what stopped the Tories getting their act together until David Cameron came along? Did Cameron change his party

Watson, Henry C. - The Yankee Tea-Party, ebook

The Yankee Tea-Party

Watson, Henry C.


A fantastic account of the famous 'Boston Tea Party' when, in 1773, colonists in Boston protested the East India Company's stranglehold on the tea import market by throwing three shiploads of tea into the sea, and the events that followed.

Leon, Cedric de - Party and Society, ebook

Party and Society

Leon, Cedric de


Political parties are central to democratic life, yet there is no standard definition to describe them or the role they occupy. "Voter-centered" theoretical approaches suggest that parties are the mere recipients of voter interests and loyalties. "

Sutherland, Keith - The Party's Over, ebook

The Party's Over

Sutherland, Keith


Consider the following paradox: As the leaders of both of the main British political parties subscribed to the neoconservative doctrine on Iraq, everybody else in the birthplace of parliamentary democracy was effectively disenfranchised. Yet one of the rationales supporting the deployment

Fallon, Peggy - Great Party Fondue, ebook

Great Party Fondue

Fallon, Peggy


Impress your guests and take home entertaining to a new level with the recipes from Great Party Fondues, a guide to everything you need to know about preparing and serving great-tasting fondue with expert advice on fondue pots, ingredients, safety, and even etiquette. Whether they prefer