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Wang, Mei-Ling - Global Health Partnerships, ebook

Global Health Partnerships

Wang, Mei-Ling


Global Health Partnerships: An Introduction
Mei-Ling Wang
2. The Modern Pharmaceutical Industry: History, Current Position and Challenges
Mei-Ling Wang
3. BRICA in Global Pharmaceutical Provision
Mei-Ling Wang
4. Global Health Partnerships

Beisheim, Marianne - Transnational Partnerships, ebook

Transnational Partnerships

Beisheim, Marianne


Introduction: Transnational Partnerships for Sustainable Development
Marianne Beisheim, Andrea Liese, Jasmin Lorch
2. Research Design: Measuring and Explaining the Effectiveness of PPPs
Marianne Beisheim, Andrea Liese
Part II. Case Studies: Effectiveness

Dubben, Nigel - Partnerships in Property Development, ebook

Partnerships in Property Development

Dubben, Nigel


This book covers partnerships in the broadest sense, presenting a critical account of the whole range of partnerships in property development.
The emphasis is on the relationship between developers and landowners, developers and funders, and the

Edström, Håkan - NATO: The Power of Partnerships, ebook

NATO: The Power of Partnerships

Edström, Håkan


Table of contents
1. Utility for NATO — Utility of NATO?
Håkan Edström, Janne Haaland Matlary, Magnus Petersson
2. Partnerships and Power in American Grand Strategy
Sean Kay
3. The ‘Natural Ally’? The ‘Natural Partner’? — Australia and the Atlantic Alliance
Stephan Frühling, Benjamin Schreer

Ionescu-Somers, Aileen - Sustainability Partnerships, ebook

Sustainability Partnerships

Ionescu-Somers, Aileen


Sustainability Partnerships — Context and Key Findings
1. Sustainability Partnerships — An Introduction
Ulrich Steger, Aileen Ionescu-Somers, Oliver Salzmann, Stephanie Mansourian
2. The Four Areas of Focus

Kakabadse, Nada K. - Public–Private Partnerships, ebook

Public–Private Partnerships

Kakabadse, Nada K.


Why Partnerships? The Approaches in Kazakhstan and Russia
Nikolai Mouraviev, Nada K. Kakabadse
4. PPPs in Kazakhstan and Russia: The Nature and Scope of Government Involvement
Nikolai Mouraviev, Nada K. Kakabadse
5. Concessions: PPP Pathfinder

Seitanidi, Maria May - The Politics of Partnerships, ebook

The Politics of Partnerships

Seitanidi, Maria May


Table of contents
1. The Partnership Society
Maria May Seitanidi
2. A Framework for the Analysis of Partnerships
Maria May Seitanidi
3. Stage One: Partnership Formation
Maria May Seitanidi
4. Stage Two: Partnership Implementation

Dibley, Thushara - Partnerships, Power and Peacebuilding, ebook

Partnerships, Power and Peacebuilding

Dibley, Thushara


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Thushara Dibley
2. Landscapes of Partnership
Thushara Dibley
3. Contract Relationships
Thushara Dibley
4. Partner-Driven Relationships
Thushara Dibley
5. Networked Relationships

Steets, Julia - Accountability in Public Policy Partnerships, ebook

Accountability in Public Policy Partnerships

Steets, Julia


The Concepts of Partnerships and Accountability
Julia Steets
3. Why Organisations Ought to be Accountable
Julia Steets
4. Partnerships in Practice
Julia Steets
5. Concrete Partnership Accountability Standards
Julia Steets
6. Conclusion