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Lindon, Jennie - Parents as Partners, ebook

Parents as Partners

Lindon, Jennie


It is a widely acknowledged fact that if parents are involved in their child's early learning there is a positive impact on development and later school achievement. This title looks at how to build a positive relationship with the parents of children…

Cooper, Cathryn - Change Partners, ebook

Change Partners

Cooper, Cathryn


And what else is there to talk about but sex? But do the men tell the truth? Do their exotic lovers from the past really exist? Did their sensual triumphs actually take place? For answers, it's necessary to listen to their current partners. Josie, Mariana and Crystal

Michalski, Anna - Unlikely Partners?, ebook

Unlikely Partners?

Michalski, Anna


Unlikely Partners? The EU-China Strategic Partnership in a Changing World Order
Anna Michalski, Zhongqi Pan
2. Strategic Partnerships: A New Form of International Engagement
Anna Michalski, Zhongqi Pan
3. The Development of EU-China Relations

Jaumont, Fabrice - Unequal Partners, ebook

Unequal Partners

Jaumont, Fabrice


Table of contents
1. Introduction: American Philanthropy and the Rebirth of Higher Education in Africa
Fabrice Jaumont
Part I. The Ecology of U.S. Foundations in Africa
2. Century-Old Philanthropic Interests in Africa’s Higher Education

Bégaudeau, Virginie - LeXuS: Ild & Legassov, The Partners - Erotic Dystopia, ebook

LeXuS: Ild & Legassov, The Partners - Erotic Dystopia

Bégaudeau, Virginie


The Partners' duty is simple: live together and raise the Belgrame children, Paidis, under the watchful eye of LeXuS. But when Ild and Legassov find themselves entangled in secrets, they are willing to risk everything for their right to love and sex. In a dystopian future, the city of