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Civan, Faruk - Porous Media Transport Phenomena, ebook

Porous Media Transport Phenomena

Civan, Faruk


Covering general porous media applications, including the effects of temperature and particle migration, and placing an emphasis on energy resource development, the book provides an overview of mass, momentum, and energy conservation

Dixon, Tim - Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience, ebook

Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience

Dixon, Tim


A deep understanding of the implications of green roof retrofit is required amongst students and practitioners to make the decisions and take the actions needed to mitigate climate changes. Green Roof Retrofit: building urban resilience illustrates the…

Chilingar, George V. - Petroleum and Environmental Engineers, ebook

Petroleum and Environmental Engineers

Chilingar, George V.


Electrokinetics is a term applied to a group of physicochemical phenomena involving the transport of charges, action of charged particles, effects of applied electric potential and fluid transport in various porous media to allow for a desired migration

Czernuszenko, Włodzimierz - Water Quality Hazards and Dispersion of Pollutants, ebook

Water Quality Hazards and Dispersion of Pollutants

Czernuszenko, Włodzimierz


Table of contents
1. Mixing Models for Water Quality Management in Rivers: Continuous and Instantaneous Pollutant Releases
Gerhard H. Jirka, Volker Weitbrecht
2. Three-Dimensional Model of Flow and Mixing Processes in Open Channels
W?odzimierz Czernuszenko, Alexey Rylov
3. Horizontal Mixing in Shallow Flows

Jackson, Trachette L. - Modeling Tumor Vasculature, ebook

Modeling Tumor Vasculature

Jackson, Trachette L.


A Cell-Based Model of Endothelial Cell Migration, Proliferation, and Maturation in Corneal Angiogenesis
Trachette L. Jackson, Xiaoming Zheng
8. Blood Flow and Tumour-Induced Angiogenesis: Dynamically Adapting Vascular Networks
Mark A. J. Chaplain, Steven

Simon, Dan - Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms, ebook

Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms

Simon, Dan


EAs are motivated by optimization processes that we observe in nature, such as natural selection, species migration, bird swarms, human culture, and ant colonies.
This book discusses the theory, history, mathematics, and programming of evolutionary optimization

Deville, Michel - Turbulence and Interactions, ebook

Turbulence and Interactions

Deville, Michel


Effect of Particle-Particle Collisions on the Spatial Distribution of Inertial Particles Suspended in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulent Flows
Pascal Fede, Olivier Simonin
15. Effect of