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Giddings, Philip - The Future of Parliament, ebook

The Future of Parliament

Giddings, Philip


Making the Law: Parliament and Legislation
11. Parliament’s Role and the Modernisation Agenda
Dawn Oliver, Paul Evans, Colin Lee, Philip Norton
12. Modes of Scrutiny
Dawn Oliver, Paul Evans, Philip Norton, Colin Lee
13. Untouched by Reform —

Yerby, George - People and Parliament, ebook

People and Parliament

Yerby, George


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Pasts and Presents
George Yerby
2. Legislative Beginnings: 1603–1610
George Yerby
3. The Constitutional Dimension
George Yerby
4. The Foreign Policy Dimension
George Yerby
5. Legislative…

Sutherland, Keith - A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature, ebook

A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature

Sutherland, Keith


In his book The Party's Over: Blueprint for a Very English Revolution (2004), Keith Sutherland questioned the role of the party in the post-ideological age and concluded that it would be better for government ministers to be appointed by headhunters and held to account by a people's parliament

Salih, M. A. Mohamed - African Parliaments, ebook

African Parliaments

Salih, M. A. Mohamed


Evolution of Parliament-Executive Relations in Zambia
Jotham C. Momba
7. Longitudinal View on Ghana’s Parliamentary Practices
Kwame Boafo-Arthur
8. People, Party, Politics, and Parliament: Government and Governance

Dionigi, Maja Kluger - Lobbying in the European Parliament, ebook

Lobbying in the European Parliament

Dionigi, Maja Kluger


Regulating CO2 Emissions for Vans: Is the European Parliament Still a Defender of Environmental Interests?
Maja Kluger Dionigi
5. Food Information to Consumers: Variation in Lobbying Success Across Issues
Maja Kluger Dionigi
6. When Lobbying Produces

Brunner, Martin - Parliaments and Legislative Activity, ebook

Parliaments and Legislative Activity

Brunner, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Puzzle of Parliamentary Bill Introduction
Martin Brunner
2. Parliamentary Bills as Party Policy Signals
Martin Brunner
3. Public Opinion and Parliamentary Activities
Martin Brunner
4. Private…

Lodge, Juliet - The 2009 Elections to the European Parliament, ebook

The 2009 Elections to the European Parliament

Lodge, Juliet


Irrelevant and Obsolete? The European Parliament and Voters in Perspective
Juliet Lodge
3. The 2009 European Parliamentary Elections and the Party Groups
Simon Lightfoot
Part II. Country Case Reviews
4. Austria
Daniel Nagel
5. Belgium