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Lindon, Jennie - Parents as Partners, ebook

Parents as Partners

Lindon, Jennie


It is a widely acknowledged fact that if parents are involved in their child's early learning there is a positive impact on development and later school achievement. This title looks at how to build a positive relationship with the parents of children

Adorno, Theodor W. - Letters to his Parents: 1939-1951, ebook

Letters to his Parents: 1939-1951

Adorno, Theodor W.


' So begins Adorno's letter to his parents in May 1939, welcoming them to Cuba where they had just arrived after fleeing from Nazi Germany at the last minute. At the end of 1939 his parents moved again to Florida and then to New

Myracle, Jared - Common Core Standards For Parents For Dummies, ebook

Common Core Standards For Parents For Dummies

Myracle, Jared


Common Core Standards For Parents For Dummies explains this new set of standards, what it means for students, and how parents can get their children prepared for the school year. Explains what changes to expect in the classroomIncludes

Arias, Paula Fernandez - When Parents Kill Children, ebook

When Parents Kill Children

Arias, Paula Fernandez


A New Paradigm on Parents Who Kill: ‘The Mental Health Syndrome Paradigm’
Colin Pritchard, Richard Williams, Paula Fernandez Arias
7. Familicide-Suicide
Carolyn Harris Johnson, Mark Sachmann
8. Filicide in Australia
Thea Brown, Danielle Tyson,

Wolfe, Juliette - Parents of Children with Autism, ebook

Parents of Children with Autism

Wolfe, Juliette


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Going to Holland Together
Juliette Wolfe
2. Anthropologizing Experiences of Autism
Juliette Wolfe
3. Meet the Parents
Juliette Wolfe
4. Recharting Territories, Redefining Roles: The Issue of…