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Grencis, Richard K. - The Biology of Parasites, ebook

The Biology of Parasites

Grencis, Richard K.


It combines classical descriptive biology of parasites with modern cell and molecular biology approaches, and also addresses parasite evolution and ecology.
Parasites found in mammals, non-mammalian vertebrates, and invertebrates are systematically treated, incorporating

Ortega, Ynes R. - Foodborne Parasites, ebook

Foodborne Parasites

Ortega, Ynes R.


Waterborne Parasites and Diagnostic Tools
Gregory D. Sturbaum, George D. Di Giovanni
10. Risk Assessment of Parasites in Food
Kristina D. Mena

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Doerig, Christian - Protein Phosphorylation in Parasites, ebook

Protein Phosphorylation in Parasites

Doerig, Christian


The editors and contributors comprise the Who?s Who in the field, and they are comprehensive in covering every aspect of the topic, from basic research findings to translational approaches in drug development
The result will be welcomed by everyone in academia and industry participating in the global

Ortega, Ynés R. - Foodborne Parasites, ebook

Foodborne Parasites

Ortega, Ynés R.


Table of contents
1. Amoeba and Ciliates
Ynés R. Ortega, Manuela Verastegui
2. Foodborne Giardia duodenalis and Typanosoma cruzi
Charles R. Sterling
3. Cyclospora cayetanensis
Vitaliano A. Cama, Ynés…

Baker, David G. - Flynn's Parasites of Laboratory Animals, ebook

Flynn's Parasites of Laboratory Animals

Baker, David G.


The book is now organized by vertebrate host species, with parasites presented phylogenetically within chapters. Additional highlights of this edition include introductory chapters on modern diagnostic techniques and parasite biology, and a new appendix features a

Majumder, Hemanta K. - Drug Targets in Kinetoplastid Parasites, ebook

Drug Targets in Kinetoplastid Parasites

Majumder, Hemanta K.


Table of contents
1. Arsenite Resistance in Leishmania and Possible Drug Targets
Gaganmeet Singh, K. G. Jayanarayan, Chinmoy S. Dey
2. Unique Characteristics of the Kinetoplast DNA Replication Machinery Provide Potential Drug Targets in Trypanosomatids