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Browne, Laurence - The Many Faces of Coincidence, ebook

The Many Faces of Coincidence

Browne, Laurence


Although much has been said and written about coincidences, there is a marked absence when it comes to the development of a comprehensive model that incorporates the many different ways in which they can be understood and explained. One reason for this…

Hamilton, Trevor - Tell My Mother I'm Not Dead, ebook

Tell My Mother I'm Not Dead

Hamilton, Trevor


This book divides into two parts. The first is a personal narrative of the impact of the death of the author’s son Ralph on him and his family and his efforts to see if there was any evidence for his continued existence (generated largely through visits…

Solomon, Philip - The A-Z Spiritualism Dictionary, ebook

The A-Z Spiritualism Dictionary

Solomon, Philip


From important psychics and Spiritualists, to key concepts and terms, this book is an indispensible companion to Spiritualism and beyond, also covering the fields of parapsychology and psychical research in accessible fashion. Also containing a handy reference list

Daniels, Michael - Shadow, Self, Spirit, ebook

Shadow, Self, Spirit

Daniels, Michael


Transpersonal Psychology concerns the study of those states and processes in which people experience a deeper sense of who they are, or a greater sense of connectedness with others, with nature, or the spiritual dimension. Pioneered by respected researchers…

Northcote, Jeremy - The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth, ebook

The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth

Northcote, Jeremy


This book is based on the author's ten-year research into the politics of belief surrounding paranormal ideas. Through a detailed examination of the participants, issues, strategies and underlying factors that constitute the contemporary paranormal debate,…

Hamilton, Trevor - Arthur Balfour's Ghosts, ebook

Arthur Balfour's Ghosts

Hamilton, Trevor


This book tells the incredible story of the cross-correspondence automatic writings, described by one leading scholar of the field, Alan Gauld, 'as undoubtedly the most extensive, the most complex and the most puzzling of all ostensible attempts by deceased…

Hamilton, Trevor - Immortal Longings, ebook

Immortal Longings

Hamilton, Trevor


Immortal Longings: FWH Myers and the Victorian search for life after death is the first full-length biography of Frederic W.H. Myers, leading figure in the Society for Psychical Research and friend and associate of Browning, Gladstone, Ruskin, Tennyson,…