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Charles, Victoria - 1000 Paintings of Genius, ebook

1000 Paintings of Genius

Charles, Victoria


There are paintings that captured the feeling of an era and those that signaled the beginning of a new one. Works of art that were immediately recognised for their genius, and others that were at first met with resistance. All have stood the test of time and in their

Charles, Victoria - Renaissance Paintings, ebook

Renaissance Paintings

Charles, Victoria


In utter contrast to the obscurity of the medieval period which preceded it, the rapid and unexpected arrival of the Renaissance conquered Europe during the 14th to the 16th centuries. Placing man at its centre, the actors of this illustrious movement…

Leyton, Michael - The Structure of Paintings, ebook

The Structure of Paintings

Leyton, Michael


Table of contents
1. Shape as Memory Storage
2. Expressiveness of Line
3. The Evolution Laws
4. Smoothness-Breaking

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Korte, Aapo - abstraICT art: Art with Computer 1, ebook

abstraICT art: Art with Computer 1

Korte, Aapo


This book includes twenty colourful and mostly abstract paintings made with computer. This is the first book in the Art with Computer book series. Taide on hienoa ja suurenmoista, koska kuka tahansa voi olla taiteilija. Moderni tapa tehdä taidetta on käyttää tietokonetta.

Carr-Gomm, Sarah - Francisco Goya, ebook

Francisco Goya

Carr-Gomm, Sarah


His use of chiaroscuro in his dark, intense paintings influenced many artists, including Manet. This monograph presents the essential works of this pioneering artist, today considered the father of modern art.

Rosenthal, T.G. - On Art and Artists, ebook

On Art and Artists

Rosenthal, T.G.


Yeats and the paintings of August Strindberg. There is a profile of Walter and Eva Neurath, founders of the art-book publishers Thames & Hudson, the author’s first employers; an essay on Anti-Semitism in England; and an obituary of Matthew Hodgart, who at Cambridge,

Granfors, Stig - Stonehenge threat, ebook

Stonehenge threat

Granfors, Stig


The messages seem to have connections to prehistoric cave paintings. Are the symbols instructions on how the survivors can save themselves? Or are the symbols just an attempt to mislead? The final truth is a surprising challenge to build a brighter future. "The

Döpp, Hans-Jürgen - Sapphic Art, ebook

Sapphic Art

Döpp, Hans-Jürgen


The poetess Sappho did not, in any way, facilitate the relationship between men and women, with her admirable Ode to Aphrodite which celebrates the love and sexuality between two women. With the liberalization of morals, female homosexuality is part of…