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Bray, George A. - Overweight and the Metabolic Syndrome, ebook

Overweight and the Metabolic Syndrome

Bray, George A.


Evaluation of the Overweight and Obese Patient
George A. Bray, Donna H. Ryan
11. Dietary Approaches to Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
Angela P. Makris, Gary D. Foster
12. Exercise as an Approach to Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
John M.

Tschilia, Gina - Fat Matters: From sociology to science, ebook

Fat Matters: From sociology to science

Tschilia, Gina


In a consumerist society obsessed with body image and thinness, obesity levels have reached an all-time high. This multi-faceted book written by a range of experts, explores the social, cultural, clinical and psychological factors that lie behind the…

Loughrey, Anita - Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives, ebook

Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives

Loughrey, Anita


With childhood obesity hitting alarmingly high levels and given high profile in the media today, this book looks at what schools could and should be doing to tackle the problem. Research has shown there is a link between weight, lifestyle and attainment.…

Stewart, Alexis - Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, ebook

Whateverland: Learning to Live Here

Stewart, Alexis


An exuberantly, hilariously irreverent guide to life from the hosts of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer and Whatever, Martha!
No one tells it like it is quite like the Whatever duo of Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. Now they share their…

Bray, George A. - The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, ebook

The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity

Bray, George A.


Table of contents
Part I.The Problem
1. Definitions and Prevalence
2. How Do We Get Fat?
3. Costs, Pathology, and Health Risks of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
4. Natural History of Obesity
Part II.The Solutions
5. Evaluation, Prevention, and Introduction to Treatment
6. Diet
7. Behavior

Griffin, Hedley - The Dangerously Big Bunny, ebook

The Dangerously Big Bunny

Griffin, Hedley


He becomes unhealthy and overweight. He has trouble getting through doorways, too overweight to play on the swings, breaks his skateboard, and sinks the boat in the park. His doctor puts him on a diet. He cuts down on eating biscuits,

Conway, Deborah - Pregnancy in the Obese Woman: Clinical Management, ebook

Pregnancy in the Obese Woman: Clinical Management

Conway, Deborah


Obesity is becoming an increasing global healthcare challenge, and overweight expecting mothers are at risk of complications during their pregnancy. This unique clinical focused book covers evidence-based practices for obstetricians and assists them as they care for both the fetus as well

Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Facts about the Tudors, ebook

101 Amazing Facts about the Tudors

Goldstein, Jack


Do you know the main difference between the diet of a Tudor nobleman and that of a peasant? What was it that changed Henry VIII from an active and pleasant young man into a vastly overweight tyrant? What did a gong farmer do? And what was the purpose of a whipping boy? All of these questions