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McFedries, Paul - The Facebook Guide For People Over 50, ebook

The Facebook Guide For People Over 50

McFedries, Paul


This one-of-a-kind guide addresses issues of specific interest to older generations, helping them create a profile, connect with old friends and relatives, communicate with others, and maintain their safety online. If you’re among this group, you’ll find

Chatfield, Tom - 50 Schlüsselideen Digitale Kultur, ebook

50 Schlüsselideen Digitale Kultur

Chatfield, Tom


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Tom Chatfield
2. Das Internet
Tom Chatfield
3. Das World Wide Web
Tom Chatfield
4. Internet-Provider
Tom Chatfield
5. E-Mail
Tom Chatfield
6. Personal Computer
Tom Chatfield
7. Server
Tom Chatfield
8. Browser
Tom Chatfield
9. Markierungssprachen

Collier, Marsha - AARP Facebook: Tech to Connect, ebook

AARP Facebook: Tech to Connect

Collier, Marsha


People over 55 are among Facebook's fastest-growing user segment, with well over six million users, and this guide shares the insights of many 50+ users. It covers signing up, creating a profile, adding friends, posting status updates, chatting

Geddes, Brad - Advanced Google AdWords, ebook

Advanced Google AdWords

Geddes, Brad


This must-have new edition offers 50+ pages of fresh material on such topics as retargeting, tracking for analytics, video ad features, ad extensions, and much more.The ultimate guide to advanced Google AdWords techniques authored by a respected AdWords expert who