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Barre, Stephane La - Outstanding Marine Molecules, ebook

Outstanding Marine Molecules

Barre, Stephane La


Using a number of outstanding examples, this text introduces readers to the immense variety of marine natural compounds, the methodologies to characterize them and the approaches to explore their industrial potential. Care is also taken to discuss the function and ecological context of the

Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Women, ebook

101 Amazing Women

Goldstein, Jack


Throughout human history, countless women have made important contributions to society. Some have made scientific discoveries vital to modern-day life, whereas others have fought for human rights, shaped entire countries and broken down barriers. This…

Song, Kwon-Ho - Sialo-Xenoantigenic Glycobiology, ebook

Sialo-Xenoantigenic Glycobiology

Song, Kwon-Ho


Table of contents
1. Screening of Pig Glycosyltransferase Genes Related to Xenoantigens and Their Masking
Kwon-Ho Song, Cheorl-Ho Kim
2. Cloning and Tissue Specific Expression of pcmah and Its Alternative Transcripts
Kwon-Ho Song, Cheorl-Ho…

Fitting, Melvin - Raymond Smullyan on Self Reference, ebook

Raymond Smullyan on Self Reference

Fitting, Melvin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Melvin Fitting
2. Formal Systems, Logics, and Programs
Robert L. Constable
3. Adaptive Fault Diagnosis using Self-Referential Reasoning
Robert Cowen
4. Russell’s Paradox, Gödel’s Theorem