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Abingdon, David - Out of the Box Marketing, ebook

Out of the Box Marketing

Abingdon, David


How to skyrocket your profits - this treasure trove of a book is crammed full of time-tested strategies and techniques to help you to get more customers, get more out of your customers and to keep them coming back for more. This really is the ultimate,…

Gunter, Barrie - Predicting Movie Success at the Box Office, ebook

Predicting Movie Success at the Box Office

Gunter, Barrie


Is Box Office Still Relevant?
Barrie Gunter
2. Are the Most Expensive Movies the Most Successful?
Barrie Gunter
3. Is Studio Size Important to Box Office Success?
Barrie Gunter
4. What About Distribution, Exhibition and Timing Factors?

Hyman, Michael - Marketing Research Kit For Dummies, ebook

Marketing Research Kit For Dummies

Hyman, Michael


The tools you need to identify, obtain, record, and analyze data
Sure, access to data is faster and easier to obtain than ever before, but how do you cut through the clutter of information to find what's most useful and organize it to suit your purposes? Marketing Research Kit For

Negen, Bob - Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age, ebook

Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age

Negen, Bob


If you own and operate a small retail business, this guide will give you a proven system for marketing your store, allowing you to compete with online merchants and big-box stores alike. Full of fresh and innovative ideas for promoting small stores,

Stratten, Scott - UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging., ebook

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Stratten, Scott


From one of the leading experts in viral and social marketing-market your business effectively to today's customers
For generations, marketing has been hypocritical. We've been taught to market to others in ways we hate being marketed to (cold-calling,