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Calosse, Jp. A. - The Origin of the World, ebook

The Origin of the World

Calosse, Jp. A.


Lacan, the last owner of Courbet’s The Origin of the World, loved the painting so much that he couldn’t even bring himself to look at it. Instead, he hid it behind a “safer” painting. The Chinese called it the “valley of the roses” (watch out for the thorns!), the Persians,

Ahern, James C. - The Origins of Modern Humans: Biology Reconsidered, ebook

The Origins of Modern Humans: Biology Reconsidered

Ahern, James C.

From 129,80€

This update to the award-winning The Origins of Modern Humans: A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence covers the most accepted common theories concerning the emergence of modern Homo sapiens—adding fresh insight from top young scholars on the key new discoveries of the past 25 years.

MacNeilage, Peter - The Origin of Speech, ebook

The Origin of Speech

MacNeilage, Peter


This important and original account of the origin and evolution of speech integrates the latest research in speech, acquisition, and neurobiology, and includes the key observation that infants learning language reveal similar constraints to those acting on our distant ancestors. It is written

Frary, Mark - The Origins of the Universe for Dummies, ebook

The Origins of the Universe for Dummies

Frary, Mark

From 22,45€

Do you want to learn about the physical origin of the Universe, but don’t have the rest of eternity to read up on it? Do you want to know what scientists know about where you and your planet came from, but without the science blinding you? ‘Course you do – and who better than For Dummies

Eales, Stephen - Origins, ebook


Eales, Stephen


Table of contents
Part I. Planets
1. Rocks
2. The Day the Solar System Lost a Planet
3. ET and the Exoplanets
Part II. Stars
4. Connections
5. The Final Frontier
Part III. Galaxies
6. Silent Movie
7. The History of Galaxies

Poulton-Smith, Anthony - Origins of English Pub Names, ebook

Origins of English Pub Names

Poulton-Smith, Anthony


Coming almost from a language of their own, these names all have an origin and a meaning, with such diverse beginnings as heraldic imagery, religion, advertising, location, wildlife, humour and persons of note. Origins of English

Wang, Lemin - The Origin and Onset of Thrombus Disease, ebook

The Origin and Onset of Thrombus Disease

Wang, Lemin


Table of contents
1. Venous Thrombus
Lemin Wang
2. Arterial Thrombus
Lemin Wang
3. Differences of Origin and Onset Between Acute Venous and Arterial Thrombus
Lemin Wang
4. Epilogue: To Make It Simple
Lemin Wang

Swan, Liz - Origins of Mind, ebook

Origins of Mind

Swan, Liz


Introduction: Exploring the Origins of Mindedness in Nature
Liz Swan
2. Organic Codes and the Natural History of Mind
Marcello Barbieri
3. The Descent of Humanity: The Biological Roots of Human Consciousness, Culture and History
Angelo N. M. Recchia-Luciani

Masataka, Nobuo - The Origins of Language, ebook

The Origins of Language

Masataka, Nobuo


The Gestural Theory of and the Vocal Theory of Language Origins Are Not Incompatible with One Another
Nobuo Masataka
2. The Gestural Origins of Language
Michael C. Corballis
3. World-View of Protolanguage Speakers as Inferred from Semantics of Sound