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Ferlie, Ewan - Organizing and Reorganizing, ebook

Organizing and Reorganizing

Ferlie, Ewan


‘Speaking Truth to Power’: On the Discomforts of Researching the Contemporary Policy Process
David J. Hunter
8. It’s Part of the Job: Healthcare Restructuring and the Health and Safety of Nursing Aides
Michael J. O’Sullivan, C. Eduardo Siqueira,

Greener, Sue - Research Methods for Postgraduates, ebook

Research Methods for Postgraduates

Greener, Sue


An indispensable reference for postgraduates, providing up to date guidance in all subject areas
Research Methods for Postgraduates brings together guidance for postgraduate students on how to organise, plan and do research from an interdisciplinary perspective. In this new edition,

Burguillo, Juan C. - Self-organizing Coalitions for Managing Complexity, ebook

Self-organizing Coalitions for Managing Complexity

Burguillo, Juan C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Juan C. Burguillo
Part I. Background
2. Complex Systems
Ivan Zelinka, Juan C. Burguillo
3. Complex Networks
Juan C. Burguillo
4. Cellular Automata
Juan C. Burguillo
5. Multi-agent Systems
Juan C. Burguillo
6. Self-organization
Juan C. Burguillo

Woods, Geraldine - Research Papers For Dummies, ebook

Research Papers For Dummies

Woods, Geraldine


You're sitting at your desk in a classroom or in an airless cubicle, wondering how many minutes are left in a seemingly endless day, when suddenly your teacher or supervisor lowers the boom: She wants a research paper, complete with footnotes and a list of sources. She wants accuracy, originality,

Kunc, Martin - Behavioral Operational Research, ebook

Behavioral Operational Research

Kunc, Martin


Engaging with Behavioral Operational Research: On Methods, Actors and Praxis
L. Alberto Franco, Raimo P. Hämäläinen
2. Behavior with Models: The Role of Psychological Heuristics in Operational Research
Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos
3. Behavior in

Guan, Ling - Unsupervised Learning: A Dynamic Approach, ebook

Unsupervised Learning: A Dynamic Approach

Guan, Ling

From 124,25€

Inspired by the relative success of existing popular research on self-organizing neural networks for data clustering and feature extraction, Unsupervised Learning: A Dynamic Approach presents information within the family of generative, self-organizing

Acs, Zoltan J. - Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research, ebook

Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research

Acs, Zoltan J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research
Zoltan J. Acs, David B. Audretsch
2. Debates in Entrepreneurship: Opportunity Formation and Implications for the Field of Entrepreneurship
Sharon A. Alvarez, Jay B. Barney, Susan L. Young
3. An Update to the Individual-Opportunity