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Munson, Sandra - Organizing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies, ebook

Organizing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies

Munson, Sandra


Organizing for Dummies
Discover how to:
Organize a room in five steps
Put important organization practices to good use
Gather the right tools
Create order in every area of your home and your life
Sandra Munson
Professional home organizer

Peltonen, Tuomo - Spirituality and Religion in Organizing, ebook

Spirituality and Religion in Organizing

Peltonen, Tuomo


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Making Sense of Spirituality and Religion in Organizing
Tuomo Peltonen
2. Spirituality as a Phenomenon and Challenge of Science
Tuomo Peltonen
3. Science, Religion and Spirituality
Tuomo Peltonen
4. Spirituality in Organizational Cultures
Tuomo Peltonen

Roth, Eileen - Organizing For Dummies, ebook

Organizing For Dummies

Roth, Eileen


Organizing For Dummies is for anyone who wants to Polish his or her professional reputation Experience less stress Increase productivity Build better relationships Maximize personal time
Organization isn’t inherited. With the human

Bain, Alan - The Self-organizing University, ebook

The Self-organizing University

Bain, Alan


Table of contents
1. The Quality Illusion in Learning and Teaching
Alan Bain, Lucia Zundans-Fraser
2. Committing to Learning and Teaching
Alan Bain, Lucia Zundans-Fraser
3. Designing Universities for Better Learning and Teaching
Alan Bain, Lucia Zundans-Fraser
4. Getting the Right Feedback for Learning

Janse, Maartje - Organizing Democracy, ebook

Organizing Democracy

Janse, Maartje


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Perspectives on Political Organizing
Maartje Janse, Henk te Velde
2. ‘Association Is a Mighty Engine’: Mass Organization and the Machine Metaphor, 1825–1840
Maartje Janse
3. ‘Petition! Petition!! Petition!!!: Petitioning and Political Organization in Britain, c. 1800–1850’

Pedersen, Kirstine Zinck - Organizing Patient Safety, ebook

Organizing Patient Safety

Pedersen, Kirstine Zinck


Table of contents
1. Studying Patient Safety: An Introduction
Kirstine Zinck Pedersen
2. The Oral Syringe Case
Kirstine Zinck Pedersen
3. Failsafe Systems and Practical Reasoning
Kirstine Zinck Pedersen
4. Blame and Responsibility…

Ferlie, Ewan - Organizing and Reorganizing, ebook

Organizing and Reorganizing

Ferlie, Ewan


Table of contents
1. Medicine and Management in English Primary Care: A Shifting Balance of Power?
Rod Sheaff
2. Processes of Change in the Reconfiguration of Hospital Services: The Role of Stakeholder Involvement
Naomi Fulop, Perri Six,…

Estep, Myrna - Self-Organizing Natural Intelligence, ebook

Self-Organizing Natural Intelligence

Estep, Myrna


Intelligence as Self-Organizing Emerging Complexity
Myrna Estep
7. Mapping Natural Intelligence to Machine Space
Myrna Estep
8. Summary and Conclusions of Self-Organizing Natural Intelligence
Myrna Estep

Lægreid, Per - Organizing for Coordination in the Public Sector, ebook

Organizing for Coordination in the Public Sector

Lægreid, Per


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Emerging Coordination Practices in European Public Management
Per Lœgreid, Tiina Randma-Liiv, Lise H. H. Rykkja, Külli Sarapuu
Part I. Coordination in Northern Europe
2. Coordinating Emergency Medical…