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McInnes, Will - Culture Shock: A Handbook For 21st Century Business, ebook

Culture Shock: A Handbook For 21st Century Business

McInnes, Will


Inspiring and comprehensive, Culture Shock is aspirational future thinking with its feet firmly on the ground’
Jemima Kiss, Digital Media correspondent,The Guardian
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Freytag, Andreas - Entrepreneurship and Culture, ebook

Entrepreneurship and Culture

Freytag, Andreas


The Entrepreneurial Culture: Guiding Principles of the Self-Employed
Florian Noseleit
4. Culture, Political Institutions and the Regulation of Entry
Rui Baptista
5. Prior Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Innovative Success
Uwe Cantner, Maximilian

Charman, Sarah - Police Socialisation, Identity and Culture, ebook

Police Socialisation, Identity and Culture

Charman, Sarah


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sarah Charman
Part I. Interpreting Police Socialisation, Identity and Culture
2. Organisational Culture and the Policing Organisation
Sarah Charman
3. Social, Personal and Group Identity
Sarah Charman
4. Training and Education in Policing
Sarah Charman

Bauer, Georg F. - Salutogenic organizations and change, ebook

Salutogenic organizations and change

Bauer, Georg F.


Table of contents
1. From Fidelity to Figuration: Current and Emerging Approaches to Organizational Health Intervention Research
Georg F. Bauer, Gregor J. Jenny
Part I. Concepts of Organizational Health
2. Psychosocial Interventions and Salutogenic Organizations: Systematic Review Evidence of Theory, Context, Implementation

Arlt, Hans-Jürgen - Arbeit und Freiheit, ebook

Arbeit und Freiheit

Arlt, Hans-Jürgen


Table of contents
1. Freiheit als Recht und Vermögen
Hans-Jürgen Arlt
2. Arbeit – der Anfang der Wirtschaft
Hans-Jürgen Arlt
3. Zangengeburt der Arbeitsgesellschaft
Hans-Jürgen Arlt
4. Befreiung aus dem Zangengriff

Bülow, Isolde - Nachwuchsförderung in der Wissenschaft, ebook

Nachwuchsförderung in der Wissenschaft

Bülow, Isolde


Table of contents
1. Promovieren in Deutschland – Kontext, Entwicklungen und Perspektiven
Beate Scholz
I. Zentrale Graduierteneinrichtungen – Strategien – Konzepte – Strukturen
2. Dahlem Research School Dahlem Research School an der Freien Universität Berlin
Martina Sand