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Singh, Vijay P - Environmental Pollution, ebook

Environmental Pollution

Singh, Vijay P


Research Need on Environmental Gains in Conservation-Induced Relocation
Surendra Singh Rajpoot, M. S. Chauhan
3. Environmental Issues Due to Fire in Coal Mines: Its Impact and Suggestions for Implementing Precautionary and Control Measures
R. V. K. Singh,

Bidin, Arifuddin - Stability of Tropical Rainforest Margins, ebook

Stability of Tropical Rainforest Margins

Bidin, Arifuddin


Surface soil organic carbon pools, mineralization and CO2 efflux rates under different land-use types in Central Panama
Luitgard Schwendenmann, Elise Pendall, Catherine Potvin
7. Forest structure as influenced by different types of community forestry in a lower

Aris, A.Z. - From Sources to Solution, ebook

From Sources to Solution

Aris, A.Z.


Exposure to Indoor PM10 and Volatile Organic Compounds and Its Association with Respiratory Health Among Preschool Children from Urban and Rural Areas in Selangor
Nur Arasyi Yahaya, Juliana Jalaludin
4. Environmental Geochemical Cycles of Persistent Toxic Substances

Richardson, Curtis J. - Everglades Experiments, ebook

Everglades Experiments

Richardson, Curtis J.


Ecological Status of the Everglades: Environmental and Human Factors that Control the Peatland Complex on the Landscape
Curtis J. Richardson, Jacqueline K. Huvane
3. Soil Characteristics of the Everglades Peatland

Donk, Ellen - Shallow Lakes in a Changing World, ebook

Shallow Lakes in a Changing World

Donk, Ellen


Sediment diatom assemblages and composition of pore-water dissolved organic matter reflect recent eutrophication history of lake peipsi (Estonia/Russia)
Atko Heinsalu, Tiiu Alliksaar, Aina Leeben, Tiina Nõges
14. Factors