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Panik, Michael J. - Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications, ebook

Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications

Panik, Michael J.

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Features recent trends and advances in the theory and techniques used to accurately measure and model growth
Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications features an accessible introduction to growth curve modeling and addresses how to monitor the change in variables over time since

Zhu, Rongbo - Information Engineering and Applications, ebook

Information Engineering and Applications

Zhu, Rongbo


A least Squares Support Vector Machine Sparseness Algorithm
Yang Li, Wanmei Tang
46. Efficient Dynamic Management of Distributed Metadata
Wei Xue, Ming Zhu
47. Automatic K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Outlier

Durán, Juan José - Mathematics of Planet Earth, ebook

Mathematics of Planet Earth

Durán, Juan José


Modelling World Energy Applying Simplicial Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
Eusebi Jarauta-Bragulat, Carme Hervada-Sala, Juan J. Egozcue
24. Structural Analysis of the National Geochemical Survey of Australia Data
Ute Mueller, Johnny Lo, Patrice