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Janyani, Vijay - Optical and Wireless Technologies, ebook

Optical and Wireless Technologies

Janyani, Vijay


Magneto-Optical Tuning of Refractive Index for Bidispersed Ferrofluid
Keyur G. Khatsuriya
12. Mach–Zehnder Interferometer-Based 3-Bit All-Optical Sequence Detector
Rakesh Ranjan, Abhishek Ranjan, Dharmendra Kumar

Iyer, Parameswar K. - Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials, ebook

Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials

Iyer, Parameswar K.


Advanced Magnetic and OpticalMaterials offers detailed up-to-date chapters on the functional optical and magnetic materials, engineering of quantum structures, high-tech magnets, characterization and new applications.  It brings together innovative methodologies and strategies adopted in

Mildren, Rich - Optical Engineering of Diamond, ebook

Optical Engineering of Diamond

Mildren, Rich


This is the first comprehensive book on the engineering of diamond optical devices. It will give readers an up-to-date account of the properties of optical quality synthetic diamond (single crystal, nanodiamond and polycrystalline) and reviews the large

Boucouvalas, Anthony - Optical Wireless Communications, ebook

Optical Wireless Communications

Boucouvalas, Anthony


An Overview of Optical Wireless Communications
Z. Ghassemlooy, M. Uysal, M. A. Khalighi, V. Ribeiro, F. Moll, S. Zvanovec, A. Belmonte
2. Optical Propagation in Unguided Media
Yahya Kemal Baykal
3. Effects of Adverse Weather on Free Space Optics