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Song, William Wei - Information Systems Development, ebook

Information Systems Development

Song, William Wei


Enterprise Systems in a Service Science Context
Anders G. Nilsson
3. A Petri Net-Based Software Process Model for Developing Process-Oriented Information Systems
Yu Li, Andreas Oberweis
4. Modern Enterprise Systems

Malik, Om P. - Electric Distribution Systems, ebook

Electric Distribution Systems

Malik, Om P.


A comprehensive review of the theory and practice for designing, operating, and optimizing electric distribution systems, revised and updated
Now in its second edition, Electric Distribution Systems has been

Laamanen, Kai - Managing Processes in your Professional Service Enterprise - EFQM 2013, ebook

Managing Processes in your Professional Service Enterprise - EFQM 2013

Laamanen, Kai


Revised to align with EFQM 2013, with addition of EFQM Scoring Summary Sheet and links to related books. Available in printed form and as an e-book, in English and Finnish.
The book demonstrated how Al and Sam act and think regarding the seven processes in their service provider business with the help of the EFQM, Baldrige

Mazzoni, Omar S. - Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants, ebook

Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

Mazzoni, Omar S.


Covers all aspects of electrical systems for nuclear power plants written by an authority in the field
Based on author Omar Mazzoni's notes for a graduate level course he taught in Electrical Engineering, this book discusses all aspects of electrical systems

Abrahão, Silvia - Advances in Software Engineering, ebook

Advances in Software Engineering

Abrahão, Silvia


TEST: Testing Environment for Embedded Systems Based on TTCN-3 in SILS
Hochang Chae, Xiulin Jin, Seonghun Lee, Jeonghun Cho
26. A Framework for Measuring the Alignment between Business Processes and Software Systems
Lerina Aversano, Carmine Grasso, Maria

Dhillon, Balbir S. - Man–Machine–Environment System Engineering, ebook

Man–Machine–Environment System Engineering

Dhillon, Balbir S.


Research of Operating Posture of Shoulder-Mounted Equipment
Zhaofeng Luo, Honglei Li, Yu Jin, Ruifeng Zhao, Qi Ma, Zhibing Pang, Cheng Jin
15. The New Requirement of the Development of Weapons and Equipment to the Quality of Military Talents
Nan Men, Zhibing

Leonard, Clifton - Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, ebook

Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Leonard, Clifton


A bestselling Exchange Server guide, updated for the 2016 release
Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 is the gold-standard reference for system administrators and first-time users alike. Fully updated to align with the latest release, this expert-led guide provides comprehensive