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Feyel, Philippe - Loop-shaping Robust Control, ebook

Loop-shaping Robust Control

Feyel, Philippe


The loop-shaping approach consists of obtaining a specification in relation to the open loop of the control from specifications regarding various closed loop

Dong, Gang - Principles of Turbulence Control, ebook

Principles of Turbulence Control

Dong, Gang


This book introduces the mathematical techniques for turbulence control in a form suitable for inclusion in an engineering degree program at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels whilst also making it useful to researchers and industrial users of the concepts. It uses a mix of theory,

Albers, Peter - Motion Control in Offshore and Dredging, ebook

Motion Control in Offshore and Dredging

Albers, Peter


Hydraulic energy control, conductive part
Peter Albers
3. Conductive part, piping and fluids
Peter Albers
4. Fluid conditioners and hydraulic accumulators
Peter Albers
5. AC induction machines
Peter Albers
6. Control technology

Casín, Joseba Quevedo - Identification and Control, ebook

Identification and Control

Casín, Joseba Quevedo


Identification and Control of Polymerization Reactors
Eric J. Hukkanen, Jeremy G. VanAntwerp, Richard D. Braatz
2. Open-cut Mine Planning via Closed-loop Receding-horizon Optimal Control
Cristian R. Rojas, Graham C.

Zhou, Yu - Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control, ebook

Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control

Zhou, Yu


Active Flow Control Over a Wing Model Using Synthetic-Jet-Actuator Arrays
Hui Tang, Pramod Salunkhe, Jiaxing Du, Yanhua Wu
17. Initial Flow Structure Control of Jet Diffusion Using a Coaxial DBD Plasma Actuator