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Geddes, Brad - Advanced Google AdWords, ebook

Advanced Google AdWords

Geddes, Brad


This must-have new edition offers 50+ pages of fresh material on such topics as retargeting, tracking for analytics, video ad features, ad extensions, and much more.The ultimate guide to advanced

Einav, Gali - Transitioned Media, ebook

Transitioned Media

Einav, Gali


TV for the Twenty-First Century: The Video Ad Model in Transition
Adam Gerber, Rick Mandler
3. Branded Entertainment: How Advertisers and Networks Are Working Together to Reach Consumers in the New Media Environment

Chutimaskul, Wichian - Advances in Information Technology, ebook

Advances in Information Technology

Chutimaskul, Wichian


Token Traversal Strategies of a Distributed Spanning Forest Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc - Delay Tolerant Networks
Apivadee Piyatumrong, Patricia Ruiz, Pascal Bouvry, Frederic Guinand, Kittichai Lavangnananda
11. Requirements for a Knowledge Transfer Framework

Ascenso, João - e-Business and Telecommunication Networks, ebook

e-Business and Telecommunication Networks

Ascenso, João


Gender differences in online shoppers' decision-making styles
Chyan Yang, Chia Chun Wu
7. Design and evaluation of the home network systems using the service oriented architecture
Hiroshi Igaki, Masahide Nakamura, Ken-ichi Matsumoto
Part 2. Security