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Beck, Klaus - Soziologie der Online-Kommunikation, ebook

Soziologie der Online-Kommunikation

Beck, Klaus


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Klaus Beck
2. Online-Kommunikation
Klaus Beck
3. Interpersonale Online-Kommunikation
Klaus Beck
4. Online-Kommunikation in Gruppen
Klaus Beck
5. Öffentliche Online-Kommunikation
Klaus Beck
6. Fazit
Klaus Beck

Panteli, Niki - Virtual Social Networks, ebook

Virtual Social Networks

Panteli, Niki


Virtual Social Networks: A New Dimension for Virtuality Research
Niki Panteli
2. Learning Virtually or Virtually Distracted? The Impact of Emerging Internet Technologies on Pedagogical Practice
Simran K. Grewal, Lisa

Banati, Hema - Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks, ebook

Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks

Banati, Hema


Hybrid Intelligent Techniques in Text Mining and Analysis of Social Networks and Media Data
Neha Golani, Ishan Khandelwal, B. K. Tripathy
2. Social Network Metrics Integration into Fuzzy Expert System and Bayesian Network

Cornelius, Sean - Complex Networks IX, ebook

Complex Networks IX

Cornelius, Sean


Outer Synchronization for General Weighted Complex Dynamical Networks Considering Incomplete Measurements of Transmitted Information
Xinwei Wang, Guo-Ping Jiang, Xu Wu
13. Diffusive Phenomena in Dynamic Networks: A Data-Driven

Gonçalves, Bruno - Complex Networks VIII, ebook

Complex Networks VIII

Gonçalves, Bruno


Network Motifs Detection Using Random Networks with Prescribed Subgraph Frequencies
Miguel E. P. Silva, Pedro Paredes, Pedro Ribeiro
3. Fuzzy Centrality Evaluation in Complex and Multiplex Networks
Sude Tavassoli, Katharina A. Zweig
Part II. Community

Thai, My T. - Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks, ebook

Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks

Thai, My T.


Structural Vulnerability and Robustness in Complex Networks: Different Approaches and Relationships Between them
Regino Criado, Miguel Romance
2. Optimizing Network Topology for Cascade Resilience
Alexander Gutfraind
3. Optimizing Synchronization, Flow,