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Sherman, Aliza - Social Media Engagement For Dummies, ebook

Social Media Engagement For Dummies

Sherman, Aliza


Helps you build and foster social media relationships with potential customers, fans, followers, and current customersShows you how to spark actions, reactions, or interactions--and make things happenExplores the fundamentals, especially for do-it-yourself small-business owners and marketersCovers building

Rosengren, Sara - Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. IV), ebook

Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. IV)

Rosengren, Sara


Building Brand Image Through Online Sales Promotion: A Comparative Study Between the Web User’s Experience and Their Promotion-proneness
Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros, Salvador Del Barrio-García
8. Celebrities as Indirect Spokespeople in Advertising