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Buckham, David - Executive's Guide to Solvency II, ebook

Executive's Guide to Solvency II

Buckham, David


A straightforward guide to the evolution, benefits, and implementation of Solvency II
Providing a guide to the evolution, practice, benefits, and implementation of Solvency II, Executive′s Guide to Solvency II deftly covers this

Douady, Raphaël - Financial Regulation in the EU, ebook

Financial Regulation in the EU

Douady, Raphaël


The Challenges of Regulation of Derivatives
Nasser Saber
8. The challenges and implications of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and of its revision (MiFID II, MiFIR) on the efficiency of financial

 - Bank Asset and Liability Management, ebook

Bank Asset and Liability Management


Explains bank regulations and the relationship with monetary authorities, statements, and disclosures Considers the governance structure of banks and how it can be used to manage assets and liabilities Offers strategies for managing assets and liabilities in such areas

 - Operational Risk Management, ebook

Operational Risk Management


Schools you in techniques for analyzing the operational risk exposure of banking institutions and assessing how operational risk impacts on other types of riskProvides expert guidance on how to design, plan and implement systems for operational risk management and quality controlDescribes a comprehensive

Monti, Jaime M. - GABA and Sleep, ebook

GABA and Sleep

Monti, Jaime M.


Function of GABAB and ρ-Containing GABAA Receptors (GABAC Receptors) in the Regulation of Basic and Higher Integrated Sleep-Waking Processes
Claude Gottesmann
8. Interactions Between GABAergic and Serotonergic Processes in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus in the Control