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Beck, Hans - A Companion to Ancient Greek Government, ebook

A Companion to Ancient Greek Government

Beck, Hans


This comprehensive volume details the variety of constitutions and types of governing bodies in the ancient Greek world.A collection of original scholarship on ancient Greek governing structures and institutionsExplores the multiple manifestations of…

Mosley, Ivo - In the Name of the People, ebook

In the Name of the People

Mosley, Ivo


The various oligarchies of the world blame the madness of modern life on the greed and stupidity of ordinary people: this book argues that, on the contrary, elites indulge a limitless greed for power and wealth under cover of 'giving the people what they want'. As

Hammer, Dean - A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic, ebook

A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic

Hammer, Dean


A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic offers a comparative approach to examining ancient Greek and Roman participatory communities.Explores various aspects of participatory communities through pairs of chapters—one Greek, one Roman—to…

Sutherland, Keith - The Party's Over, ebook

The Party's Over

Sutherland, Keith


Consider the following paradox: As the leaders of both of the main British political parties subscribed to the neoconservative doctrine on Iraq, everybody else in the birthplace of parliamentary democracy was effectively disenfranchised. Yet one of the…

Gill, Graeme - Collective Leadership in Soviet Politics, ebook

Collective Leadership in Soviet Politics

Gill, Graeme


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Study of Soviet Leadership
Graeme Gill
2. Oligarchy with a Predominant Leader, 1917–22
Graeme Gill
3. Rule by Pure Oligarchy, 1923–29
Graeme Gill
4. From the Predominant to the Dominant Leader, 1930–53
Graeme Gill
5. The Limits of the Predominant

Fortescue, Stephen - Russia’s Oil Barons and Metal Magnates, ebook

Russia’s Oil Barons and Metal Magnates

Fortescue, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Fortescue
2. Who are the Barons and Magnates?
Stephen Fortescue
3. How Did They Get Rich?
Stephen Fortescue
4. The Economic Performance of the Barons and Magnates
Stephen Fortescue
5. Oligarchy and Political Power
Stephen Fortescue
6. Taxation

Scott, Bruce R. - Capitalism, ebook


Scott, Bruce R.


From Feudalism to Oligarchy in Latin America, 1500–1830
Bruce R. Scott
7. Creating Capitalism and Democracy in the United States, 1630–1830
Bruce R. Scott
8. Italy as “One Country, Two Systems”
Bruce R. Scott
9. The United States as