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Finch, Nigel - Emerging Markets and Sovereign Risk, ebook

Emerging Markets and Sovereign Risk

Finch, Nigel


The Political Risk of Offshore Financial Centres: The Cyprus Bail-Out
David Chaikin
Part II. Rating Agencies and the Sovereign Rating Process
6. Travels in the Ratings Space: Developed and Developing Countries’ Sovereign Ratings
Lúcio Vinhas Souza

Cooper, Andrew F. - The Diplomacies of Small States, ebook

The Diplomacies of Small States

Cooper, Andrew F.


The Path to ‘International Finance’: Bringing (Caribbean) Offshore Financial Centres In; Attenuating the Western Grand Narrative
Don D. Marshall
14. Cultural Industries and Cultural Policy in the Context of Globalisation: An Agenda for SIDS
Keith Nurse