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Berger, Jonas - Neue Verrechnungspreisdokumentation der OECD, ebook

Neue Verrechnungspreisdokumentation der OECD

Berger, Jonas


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Jonas Berger
2. Verrechnungspreisdokumentation in Deutschland
Jonas Berger
3. Verrechnungspreisdokumentation nach Veröffentlichung des BEPS-Projekts
Jonas Berger
4. Problemstellungen durch die…

Seidl, Christian - Tax Progression in OECD Countries, ebook

Tax Progression in OECD Countries

Seidl, Christian


Table of contents
1. Introduction:Measuring Tax Progression
Christian Seidl, Kirill Pogorelskiy, Stefan Traub
Part I. Theory
2. Local Measures
Christian Seidl, Kirill Pogorelskiy, Stefan Traub
3. Global Measures
Christian Seidl,…

Green, Andy - Handbook of Global Education Policy, ebook

Handbook of Global Education Policy

Green, Andy


This innovative new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors.
Surveys current debates about the role of education in a global polity, highlights…

Myers, Danny - New Economic Thinking and Real Estate, ebook

New Economic Thinking and Real Estate

Myers, Danny


New Economic Thinking and Real Estate offers a modern and distinctive approach to forecasting and understanding property markets. With this book, students will develop an intuitive ability to interpret economic indicators and acquire the confidence to…