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Bolton, Matthew - Occupying Political Science, ebook

Occupying Political Science

Bolton, Matthew


This Space Is Occupied!: The Politics of Occupy Wall Street’s Expeditionary Architecture and De-gentrifying Urbanism
Matthew Bolton, Stephen Froese, Alex Jeffrey
7. barricades dot net: Post-Fordist Policing in Occupied

Kruger, Lee - Logistics Matters and the U.S. Army in Occupied Germany, 1945-1949, ebook

Logistics Matters and the U.S. Army in Occupied Germany, 1945-1949

Kruger, Lee


Table of contents
1. Roots of the Post-Second World War Logistics Challenges in Occupied Germany
Lee Kruger
2. US Strategic Planning for the Occupation of Germany
Lee Kruger
3. US Army Organizations and Missions in Occupied Germany
Lee Kruger
4. Support the Military Forces, Their Families and the Local

Chirol, Ignatius - Indian Unrest, ebook

Indian Unrest

Chirol, Ignatius


A fascinating book by early 20th Century British journalist and imperialist Sir Ignatius Valentine Chirol. Chirol had a civil suit brought against him by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an Indian independence advocate, for some of the derogatory comments in the…

Badiou, Alain - I Know There Are So Many of You, ebook

I Know There Are So Many of You

Badiou, Alain


Through an analysis of recent attempts at political organisation, including the Arab Spring, Occupy, and Nuit debout, Badiou shows that progress toward this goal will only be achieved through an emphasis on sameness, not difference.
This rallying cry to the young