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Krawczynski, Henric - Relativistic Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei, ebook

Relativistic Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei

Krawczynski, Henric


Written by a carefully selected consortium of researchers working in the field, this book fills the gap for an up-to-date summary of the observational and theoretical status. As such, this monograph includes all used wavelengths, from radio to gamma,…

 - Dark Skies, ebook

Dark Skies


Meticulously researched by dark sky expert Valerie Stimac, this comprehensive companion includes guides to 35 dark-sky sites and national parks, where to see the aurora, the next decade of total solar eclipses and how to view rocket launches, plus the lowdown on commercial space flight, observatories

Basavaiah, Nathani - Geomagnetism, ebook


Basavaiah, Nathani


5 Magnetic Observatories and Data Analysis
Nathani Basavaiah
6. 6 Solid Earth Geomagnetism
Nathani Basavaiah
7. 7 Experimental Geomagnetism
Nathani Basavaiah
8. 8 Upper Atmosphere Studies
Nathani Basavaiah
9. 9 Usefulness of Geomagnetic

Ardakanian, Reza - Resources, Services and Risks, ebook

Resources, Services and Risks

Ardakanian, Reza


Introduction to the Volume: A Strong Case for Data and Observatories in the Context of the Post-2015 Monitoring Agenda
Mathew Kurian, Reza Ardakanian, Linda Gonçalves Veiga, Kristin Meyer
2. Institutions and the Nexus Approach
Mathew Kurian, Reza Ardakanian,

Carrier, Martin - Mathematics as a Tool, ebook

Mathematics as a Tool

Carrier, Martin


On the Epistemic and Social Foundations of Mathematics as Tool and Instrument in Observatories, 1793–1846
David Aubin
11. Approaching Reality by Idealization: How Fluid Resistance Was Studied by Ideal Flow Theory
Michael Eckert
12. Idealizations in

Schilling, Govert - Europe to the Stars, ebook

Europe to the Stars

Schilling, Govert


Over the years, as more member states joined, ESO constructed the La Silla and Paranal observatories, as well as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) together with partners. ESO is now starting to build the world's biggest eye on the sky, the European