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Lohrmann, Christa - Dementia in Nursing Homes, ebook

Dementia in Nursing Homes

Lohrmann, Christa


Challenging Behavior in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia
Martin Smalbrugge, Sandra A. Zwijsen, Raymond C. T. M. Koopmans, Debby L. Gerritsen
6. Inclusion and Support of Family Members in Nursing Homes
Hilde Verbeek

Nazarko, Linda - Nursing in Care Homes, ebook

Nursing in Care Homes

Nazarko, Linda


Nursing in Care Homes is a practical guide for nurses of all levels working in care homes. It is directly relevant to everyday practice and covers clinical issues such as continence care, wound care, infection control,

Hill, Jackie - Rheumatology Nursing: A Creative Approach, ebook

Rheumatology Nursing: A Creative Approach

Hill, Jackie


A new edition of an established research-based text on one of the fastest growing topics in nursing: nurses dealing with this complex subject need to be kept up to date and this book written by a team of expert rheumatology nurses fills that role.
The book’s emphasis is on

Norman, Ann E. - Prison Nursing, ebook

Prison Nursing

Norman, Ann E.


The benefit of having skilled nurses working in prisons has been noted in a recent report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons (Home Office 1998). This report recommended that the organisation of health care in prisons be made the responsibility of the NHS.
This is the first book aimed

Tuominen, Kari - HELP! They need somebody!, ebook

HELP! They need somebody!

Tuominen, Kari


The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is often one of the most difficult choices a person can make in life. It is hard to entrust your family member to the care of strangers. Astrid Hallberg faced this difficult situation when her husband

O'Brien, Liz - District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures, ebook

District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures

O'Brien, Liz

From 39,70€

"This manual, the first of its kind focused on district nursing, provides the means to build competence and confidence in nurses new to the community, or developing their skills. The comprehensive and evidence-based content provides essential information for competence in key areas of district

Ingleton, C. - Palliative Care Nursing at a Glance, ebook

Palliative Care Nursing at a Glance

Ingleton, C.


Palliative Care Nursing at a Glance is the perfect companion for nursing students, health and social care practitioners, and all those involved in palliative care delivery, both in the clinical and home setting.