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Nurse, Angus - Policing Wildlife, ebook

Policing Wildlife

Nurse, Angus


Preventing Wildlife Crime
Angus Nurse
9. Prosecuting Wildlife Crime
Angus Nurse
10. Wildlife Crime and Criminal Justice Policy
Angus Nurse
11. Conclusions and Recommendations

Nurse, Derek - Tense and Aspect in Bantu, ebook

Tense and Aspect in Bantu

Nurse, Derek


Derek Nurse looks at variations in the form and function of tense and aspect in Bantu, a branch of Niger-Congo, the world's largest language phylum. His account is based on data from more than 200 Bantu languages and varieties, a representative sample of which is freely available on the

Nurse, Paul - Mitä on elämä?: Viisi askelta biologian ymmärtämiseen, ebook

Mitä on elämä?: Viisi askelta biologian ymmärtämiseen

Nurse, Paul


Nobel-voittajan vastaus tieteen tärkeimpään kysymykseen Elämää on joka puolella, mutta mitä elossa oleminen oikeastaan tarkoittaa? Paul Nurse on pyhittänyt uransa solujen tutkimiselle, ja nyt hän määrittelee elämän tavalla, jonka jokainen voi ymmärtää. Askel askeleelta hän

Humphreys, Melanie - Nursing the Cardiac Patient, ebook

Nursing the Cardiac Patient

Humphreys, Melanie


Nursing the Cardiac Patient is a practical guide that addresses the management of cardiac patients across the spectrum of health care settings. It assists nurses to develop a complete understanding of the current evidence based practice and principles

Edwards, Steven D. - Philosophy of Nursing, ebook

Philosophy of Nursing

Edwards, Steven D.


Philosophy of Nursing An Introduction Reviews '...as intellectually demanding, professionally challenging and rewarding as his previous work... relevant and informative.' - Peter Draper, Journal of Advanced Nursing Description This book provides

Coumbe, Karen - Equine Veterinary Nursing, ebook

Equine Veterinary Nursing

Coumbe, Karen


The breadth and depth of expertise essential for equine veterinary nursing today is provided in this definitive textbook.  Thoroughly revised and updated in its second edition, and now fully illustrated in colour.  This book covers the content of the ever-expanding equine

Nair, Muralitharan - Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care, ebook

Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care

Nair, Muralitharan


Nursing Practice is the essential, textbook to support you throughout your entire nursing degree, from your first year onwards. It explores all the clinical and professional issues that you need to know in one complete volume.
Written in the context

Nair, Muralitharan - Pathophysiology for Nurses at a Glance, ebook

Pathophysiology for Nurses at a Glance

Nair, Muralitharan


Everything you need to know about Pathophysiology… at aGlance!
From the publishers of the market-leading at a Glanceseries, and from the authors of the successful Fundamentals ofApplied Pathophysiology textbook comes the ideal revisionguide for all the key diseases and conditions that nursing