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Bolen, Eric G. - Ecology of North America, ebook

Ecology of North America

Bolen, Eric G.


North America contains an incredibly diverse array of natural environments, each supporting unique systems of plant and animal life. These systems, the largest of which are biomes, form intricate webs of life that have taken millennia to evolve. This

Clark, Timothy D. - Dominant Elites in Latin America, ebook

Dominant Elites in Latin America

Clark, Timothy D.


2. The Paradox of the Neoliberal Developmentalist State: Reconstructing the Capitalist Elite in Pinochet’s Chile
Timothy D. Clark
3. Quasi-post-neoliberal Brazil: Social Change Amidst Elite Adaptation and Metamorphosis
Simone Bohn
4. Concentration

Morales, Isidro - Post-NAFTA North America, ebook

Post-NAFTA North America

Morales, Isidro


Introduction Post-NAFTA North America: Reshaping the Economic and Political Governance of a Changing Region
Isidro Morales
Part I. The Nature and Limits of Regional Disciplinary Governance in an Era of Globalization

Rajagopal - Business Dynamics in North America, ebook

Business Dynamics in North America



Understanding North American Trade and Economy Scenario
1. Overview: North American Trade and Economy
Rajagopal, Vladimir Zlatev
2. Industrial Policy and Trade Competitiveness in North America
Rajagopal, Vladimir

Ayres, Jeffrey - Contentious Politics in North America, ebook

Contentious Politics in North America

Ayres, Jeffrey


Theoretical Issues and Policy Implications of North American Integration
1. Introduction: Conceptualizing North American Contentious Politics
Jeffrey Ayres, Laura Macdonald
2. The Political Economy of Neoliberalism in

Hussain, Imtiaz - The Impacts of NAFTA on North America, ebook

The Impacts of NAFTA on North America

Hussain, Imtiaz


Introduction: Beneath, Beyond, or Within North America’s Regional Box: Paradigm Indigestion?
Imtiaz Hussain
2. North America’s Regionalisms Face Globalism: Integrating Climate Change Responses
Marcela López-Vallejo

Burrows, George E. - Toxic Plants of North America, ebook

Toxic Plants of North America

Burrows, George E.


Toxic Plants of North America, Second Edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference for both wild and cultivated toxic plants on the North American continent. In addition to compiling and presenting information

Lombard, Anne - Colonial America: A History to 1763, ebook

Colonial America: A History to 1763

Lombard, Anne


Colonial America: A History to 1763, 4th Edition provides updated and revised coverage of the background, founding, and development of the thirteen English North American colonies.Fully revised and expanded fourth edition, with updated bibliographyIncludes