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Bielefeld, Wolfgang - Managing Nonprofit Organizations, ebook

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Bielefeld, Wolfgang


It shows how to lead, manage, govern, and structure effective and ethical nonprofit organizations. Managing Nonprofit Organizations reveals what it takes to be entrepreneurial and collaborative,

Senger, JoAnn - Designing a Not-for-Profit Compensation System, ebook

Designing a Not-for-Profit Compensation System

Senger, JoAnn


She peels away the 'second-class citizen' label and provides effective compensation structures that reward top performers."
--Jonathan Fraser Light Senior Partner, Nordman, Cormany, Hair & Compton
A step-by-step plan to design and manage a compensation

Hyatt, Thomas K. - Tax-Exempt Healthcare 2016 Supplement, ebook

Tax-Exempt Healthcare 2016 Supplement

Hyatt, Thomas K.


The new discussion includes healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act, the fiduciary duty of directors on the governing body of nonprofit organizations, executive compensation, activities of tax-exempt organizations that appear more commercial than charitable,

Cavanagh, Richard - Be * Know * Do: Leadership the Army Way, ebook

Be * Know * Do: Leadership the Army Way

Cavanagh, Richard


But the Army, despite its organizational structure, does not train leaders in a hierarchical manner. Dispersed leadership is the key to the success of the Army leadership model.
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