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Hopkins, Bruce R. - Hopkins' Nonprofit Law Dictionary, ebook

Hopkins' Nonprofit Law Dictionary

Hopkins, Bruce R.


A focused, invaluable guide to nonprofit legal terminology and definitions
The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Dictionary is a thorough professional reference for the terminology and definitions surrounding the

Welytok, Jill Gilbert - Nonprofit Law & Governance For Dummies, ebook

Nonprofit Law & Governance For Dummies

Welytok, Jill Gilbert


As the number and size of nonprofit organizations continues to grow, NFPs are coming under ever-increasing government scrutiny. Soon Congress will require that nonprofits comply with rigorous accounting and governance standards very similar to those set forth for for-profits in the Sarbanes-Oxley

Hopkins, Bruce R. - Nonprofit Law Made Easy, ebook

Nonprofit Law Made Easy

Hopkins, Bruce R.

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The ins and outs of law in the nonprofit sector--made easy!

Written by renowned author Bruce R. Hopkins, Nonprofit Law Made Easy is a must-read guide for executives,

Hopkins, Bruce R. - The Law of Fundraising, ebook

The Law of Fundraising

Hopkins, Bruce R.


Raising funds to fulfill a nonprofit organization's goals is critical to its success, but fundraising regulations are an increasingly complex maze. The Law of Fundraising, Fourth Edition is the only book to tackle the increasingly complex maze of federal