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Hutton, Stan - Nonprofit Kit For Dummies, ebook

Nonprofit Kit For Dummies

Hutton, Stan


Develop the perfect mission statement Find helpful documents online to run your nonprofit Thrive and survive in any economic climate
Help your nonprofit thrive
Need practical advice on running a nonprofit? No problem! Packed with the latest

Fong, Brian C.H. - Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover, ebook

Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover

Fong, Brian C.H.


Table of contents
Part I. Constitutional and Political Fractures
1. The Impasse Over Constitutional Reform: Negotiating Democracy in Hong Kong
Kit Poon
2. From Executive Dominance to Fragmented Authority: An Institutional and Political Analysis
Ngok Ma
3. Executive-Legislative Disconnection in the HKSAR: