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Edwards, Marilyn - Communication Skills for Nurses, ebook

Communication Skills for Nurses

Edwards, Marilyn


The consultation is the key element of primary care, with patients being more satisfied with the care given by clinicians who have good communication skills. Poor communication or dissatisfaction with a consultation is reported

Kuhnke, Elizabeth - Communication Skills For Dummies, ebook

Communication Skills For Dummies

Kuhnke, Elizabeth


The key to perfecting your communication strategy
Great communication skills can make all the difference in your personal and professional life, and expert author Elizabeth Kuhnke shares with you her top tips for successful communication in any situation.

Pemberton, Lyn  - Words on the Web: Computer Mediated Communication, ebook

Words on the Web: Computer Mediated Communication

Pemberton, Lyn


New communication technologies – video conferencing,, email and the World Wide Web – have provided a whole new range of ways to interact with others, and students can now observe the emergence and rapid development of linguistic and social conventions for using these media. The studies

Moll, Melanie - The Quintessence of Intercultural Business Communication, ebook

The Quintessence of Intercultural Business Communication

Moll, Melanie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Melanie Moll
2. The Metaculture: Our Global Culture
Melanie Moll
3. Communicating Meaning
Melanie Moll
4. Verbal Communication in Action
Melanie Moll
5. Non-verbal Communication in Action
Melanie Moll
6. Conclusion: Your Successful Intercultural Business

Tschacher, Wolfgang - The Implications of Embodiment, ebook

The Implications of Embodiment

Tschacher, Wolfgang


As cognition is socially embedded, a large section of this book concentrates on "embodied communication": How does embodiment influence the way to approach others, what role do body movements play in social interaction, what is the function of nonverbal synchrony in