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Starkey, Damien - Vampire Lust - Volume 1, ebook

Vampire Lust - Volume 1

Starkey, Damien


He signed off with the words, "I am the King of Vampires" and without hesitating the girl clicked on Reply and started typing: "Whatever it takes to turn me, I will do it. I want to come straight away. Tell me what you want. I will do anything, anything…

Starkey, Damien - Vampire Lust - Volume 2: Empusa's Underworld, ebook

Vampire Lust - Volume 2: Empusa's Underworld

Starkey, Damien


Drew is a teenage girl, envying her sister's wild life. Hating her own dull boring routine, she is drawn to the Empusa cult, visiting the website and wishing she had the guts to be like that, to demand what she wanted from life - and get it. The poems,…

Södergran, Alexandra - Swingers - Erotic Short Story, ebook

Swingers - Erotic Short Story

Södergran, Alexandra


But when their swinger-friend Rebecca comes over one night, they discover new ways to explore things that they could never have imagined. What's it like being swingers? What happens in those mysterious clubs? Johanna and Patrick

Olson, Donald - London For Dummies®, ebook

London For Dummies®

Olson, Donald


You can hang around the Tower of London or seek out the coolest shops and happening clubs. Once you?ve worked up an appetite, you can feast on fish and chips, try modern British cuisine, or take advantage of great ethnic restaurants, including Indian, French, Chinese

Strathcarron, Ian - The Indian Equator, ebook

The Indian Equator

Strathcarron, Ian


Staying in the same Raj clubs, travelling down the same train lines, meeting the high and mighty and the downtrodden and destitute, Twain and Strathcarron are absorbed by an India that then was and now is 'not for the faint of heart nor mild of spirit nor weak of mind

O'Hanlon, Martin - Adventures in Minecraft, ebook

Adventures in Minecraft

O'Hanlon, Martin


By night, they play Minecraft and develop exciting new programs that interact with the Minecraft world. They both work regularly with young people in schools, computing clubs and at community events, giving talks about Minecraft